Who’s Running the Inspection Industry ?

Story#50: I have a Realtor phone me. He started by introducing himself and explained that he was new to the business that he was looking for good Home Inspectors that he could recommend. He them rambled on about his high ethical standards and that he only wanted good Inspectors. Then after telling me how ethical he was he explained that how as a Realtor he does Home Inspections for his clients?? Further he then proceeded to made reference to an Inspector that he does recommend. I happen to know that Inspector, his qualifications and the leading information that he has posted on his Web-Site regarding his Home Inspection experiance. After about a 15 minute conversation the realtor then announced that I’d be meeting him the next day at an Inspection that his client had booked me for. He then proceeded to tell me about what Inspectors should and shouldn’t be doing, made despairing comments about other Inspectors and how he know so much more. At that point he only asked me question so that he could elaborate on how little I knew and how much more he knew about everything. After about 25 minutes I politely cut him off to take another call. He phone me back a couple hours later and informed me that the Inspection was cancelled.


Story#49: I received a call from a prospective client. She started by explaining to me the lack of professionalism she was finding when phoning around in find an Inspector. We talked and in short order she told me to go ahead and book the Inspection. However, I was to call the Realtor to confirm the time and date. When I called the Realtor he informed me that I was too expensive, the client would not be using me and that he was looking for a cheaper Inspector. When I phoned the client back to confirm she explained that the Realtor was in charge and apologized for wasting my time. Now, Lets see what Wednesday Brings ?


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