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No objective insider will dispute that the Ontario Home Inspection Industry is in a mess. But with an election looming, one can only hope that the proposed licensing of home inspectors will not be hastily finalized because the mandate of the governmental commission might expire.

Home inspectors are not the only ones to blame for complaints from disgruntled home buyers. Contributing causes are the conniving tricks of the trade how real estate is being sold in Ontario for generations.

The rigging of “Bidding Wars” does not only inflate the selling price of properties, because during the conniving exercise only unconditional offers are being accepted. That means that home inspections are also be excluded. Only real estate agents and property owners are benefiting from the unethical gimmick.

Permitting real estate agents to recommend home inspectors to their prospective purchasers is the most blatant conflict of interest ever. As a result more than 25,000 real estate agents are controlling who carries out the bulk of home inspections in the GTA. The circumstance is affecting the impartiality of home inspectors who have become dependent on referrals from agents to make their relatively meagre living.

If “Consumer Protection” is the actual motivation for the contemplated licensing, the real estate profession must also be prohibited from getting involved in any aspect of the home inspection process.

But that will never be happening, because the real estate industry is one of the driving engines in Ontario’s economy. No government can afford to challenge the entrenched ploys of the extremely powerful real estate profession.

RUDOLF REUSSE – Home inspector since 1976 – Retired


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