Oct. 18th / 13:
WPTF Radio with Bill LuMaye, Raleigh North Carolina
Oct. 21/ 13:
WPFW Radio with Gloria Minott, Washington DC
Oct. 22/13:
CBC Radio with Garth Materie Blue Sky, Saskatchewan Manitoba
Oct. 25 /13:
WRVA Radio with Jimmy Barrett, Richmond Virginia
WLFN Radio, B.S. with Bob Schmidt, La Crosse, WI
Oct. 28 / 13:
Money Radio with Ken Morgan & Julie Dougherty, Scottsdale Arazone
WSVA Radio with Mike Schikman ,Harrisonburg Virginia
Nov. 6/13:
Interview with Ottawa Citizen Newspaper / Published in subsidiaries across Canada
Nov. 07/ 13:
Live in-studio, CFRA Radio with Rick Gibbons at noon, Ottawa Ont.
Nov. 8th:
AM 800 CKLW Radio With Patty Handysides Windsor Ont.
Nov. 9th:
News-Talk Radio 1010 & 610, Morning with the Motts Toronto Ont.
Nov. 12th
Real Estate 360 Radio Wall Street Business Network KDOW & KSAC Radio with Lori Greymont California
Nov. 15th:
CKNX Radio with Bryan Allen Wingham Ont.
Nov. 20th
900 CHML Radio with Scott Thompson, Hamilton Ont.
Dec. 4th:
Bayshore Broadcasting Radio, The Real Estate Show with Kevin Bernard Own Sound, Orillia Ont.
Jan. 23rd
Zoomer Radio a.m.740 with legendary activist Dale Goldhawk / Goldhawk Fights Back. 1st interview Toronto. Ont.
Jan. 30th:
1310 News Radio with Ed the Hand, Ottawa Ont.
Feb. 5th:
CBC Radio Windsor Morning with Tony Doucette, Windsor, Ont.
Feb. 5th
CBC Radio Ontario Morning with Susan McReynolds
Feb. 11th
CBC Ontario Morning, Thunder Bay, Ont.
Feb. 7th:
Live in Studio News Talk Radio a.m. 774 with Dave Taylor, Calgary Alberta
Feb. 11th
CBC Ontario Morning with Lisa Laco, Thunder Bay, Ont.
Feb. 18th:
Zoomer Radio a.m.740 Toronto with legendary activist Dale Goldhawk / Goldhawk Fights Back. 2nd interview


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