Inspector’s Letter to MPP

Subject: Sudbury Home Inspectors

Hello France,
As you recall you met with myself and another junior Home Inspector back in September of 2013. As promised I wanted to keep you up to date as to what is occurring in the Home Inspection industry. One merely has to google Home Inspector reviews in the Sudbury area where you will find a typical complaint made by very unhappy Home Buyers in our City. As indicated at the interview, this Home Inspection field is very unregulated and in our City many realtors are typically referring those blind eyed Home Inspectors  to service their clients Home Inspection needs. In most cases the Home Inspection goes very well for the Realtor , but in all too many cases that young new home buyer is very dissatisfied with these referred Home Inspectors. It would appear that the conscientious Home Inspectors who are properly educated and do quality work are less likely to be referred by realtors to complete Home Inspections as after all, these guys are deal blowers. The Ministry of Consumer Services is looking at licencing, but many of our realistic professional Home Inspectors question when licencing will actually begin and we are not convinced that this licencing will prevent what we feel is a dishonourable service to our new home buyers in our province. I have attached an interview with Goldhawk that I hope you will listen to. This interview is between Goldhawk and one of our Professional Home Inspectors [Bruce McClure] of the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors.
I write to you in hopes that you will forward this email to the appropriate people with the Ministry of consumer Services in Ontario. In Sudbury we have only two Professional Registered Home Inspectors [RHI], Mario Tousignant and myself. Mario Tousignant RHI has now resigned as a Home Inspector for our area. Mario has indicated he is very disappointed with what goes on in our community with respects to the realtor/inspector relationship. Mario came from a very prosperous Alberta where he worked as a licenced Professional Home Inspector. Life as a Home Inspector was very rewarding  until arriving in the Sudbury area. Mario has indicated to myself that he refuses to lower his standards to suite the Sudbury Real Estate industry. The only other Home Inspector RHI in our community is myself and I must tell you that I am not far behind Mario. I am still doing Home Inspections for those who contact me through my professional organization, but my list of referring realtors has dwindled considerable as I suspect I have been named a Deal Blower by our Sudbury Real Estate community. I think this is a very sad situation for the community of Sudbury and for this reason I do hope you send your thoughts over to The Ministry of Consumer Services for Ontario in support of the licencing program.
As with Bruce McClure  of our professional organization we have the following thoughts.

*Real estate agents should have no control in who gets elected to do Home Inspections for clients
*The public need to be well educated on what is involved in a Home Inspection and why it is important to elect properly trained people
*Home Inspectors need to be properly trained and licenced in Ontario so that new Home Buyers are properly protected. See and also


Dave Leebody  RHI  PHPI  RRT  CET  CMIA
Northern Healthy Homes


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  • Finished your book the other night. FABULOUS. I am so glad to see that it’s not “just me” that has been experiencing this stuff during my last seven years as a Home Inspector. this book should be “required reading” for all the Home Inspection courses at Colleges. Bruce Laing ~ Precision H. I.

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