A Closer Look: Qualifying Ontario’s Home Inspectors

Gov’t of Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services has released a report “A Closer Look: Qualifying Ontario’s Home Inspectors”

          Link:  http://www.ontariocanada.com/registry/view.do?postingId=14645&language=en

In the Name of Consumer Protection the Ministry formulated a committee who, via their report, have made a series of 35 Motherhood Statements regarding the licensing of Home Inspectors in Ontario.

I will not be anti-productive by arguing with any of their recommendations (because they are all a given), however they have failed by 100%  ( just like the other 35-39 States & 2 Provinces before them) to address the single largest Consumer Protection Issue effecting both the  Public and Professional Home Inspectors.  Following in the footsteps of the other Governments before then (Canada & USA) them they have only focused on the basic’s like the Inspectors Qualifications and Insurance as  being the major factors in Consumer Protection.

The reason I rushed, my self published, “Buy or Run” / “I’m a Real Home Inspector Not a TV Celebrity” was to hopefully bring attention to and educate the public and legislators that it is not about Rules, Regulations or Licensing …. The real issue is  “Who Working for Who?” and “Who’s really running the Home Inspection Industry”. Bottom line, it’s not Government legislation and it’s not the Home Inspectors. It’s the Real Estate Community (who are not required to have any serious knowledge of housing or Home Inspection Practices)  that are controlling the Home Inspection Industry by promoting Inspectors that turn a blind eye and down play issues in order to protect their sale.  Frankly the Ministry’s report is so bias it could be inferred that it is simply using Home Inspectors, as a smoke screen in order to protect the Real Estate and Insurance Industries ?

 At this point “Buy or Run” is now a couple of months old, but we’re trying to keep this web-site up to date with current War Stories exemplifying my claims. Here we’ll add two more recent examples of how’s Really Running the Show ……

Story #52:

Note: The following is a response to me on another Blog. The writer is referring to the article on Pg 92-97 of “Buy or Run”. It can also be found for free on my personal web-site “wwwBruceMcClureRHI.com.” The article basically states that the use of Infra Red Thermography during a Home Inspection is a Myth. Frankly I will go as far as stating that if an Inspector claims that he will be doing Thermography as part of a Home Inspection, I consider that as Fraud….. and explain in detail why I’m so opinionated.

(Dec 13th / Name Withheld)

I read Bruce’s excerpt from his book on his website. That is exactly what I believed for the last 5 years or more until this year. I have had progressively more calls asking if I use an IR camera (sorry Bruce Thermography). I politely said I use my experience and knowledge and my moisture meter and tried to reassure them that I have found moisture issues in the past. This year my business is down and I lost a very good realtor because, as he said, more clients expect it to be used or just be available to be used during an inspection. The realtor even said “they don’t care how good the camera is just that you have one.” So I have decided I need to get one just to get on the referral lists now.

Reply by Bruce McClure RHI, ACI, – Dec. 16th

I appreciate your comments sir and fully understand !  Further I’d like to thank you for giving a text book example of what I’m trying to say with my book “Buy or Run!” and in all of my interviews.   Non of this is going to change with Licensing because the fact remains, It’s the Realtors and TV that are running our business……..

Story #51

After one of my recent media interviews I had a very concerned individual phone me. They had just booked a Home Inspector and wanted my input if they had picked a good one or not! Naturally it would have been unethical for me to comment on the Individual (which I didn’t) but I did listen.

They started by telling me the name of their Realtor who I happened to know is one of the Highest Producing Realtors in the area. Further they explained that the Realtor had given them the name of 5 different Home Inspectors, three of which I knew their reputation. It just happens that Page 17 of “Buy or Run” tells the story about 1 of the 5 who had found an abandon / leaking oil tank on a dirt floor in the basement of a house he’d Inspected . The story goes on to explain how / why he didn’t tell his client, the buyer, because he didn’t want to upset them. (For those of you that don’t understand the implications of this, it could easily cost over $100,000. to clean up). As for the other 2 recommended Inspectors that I knew, of both where of the same caliber. I can’t speak for the two I didn’t know, so I’ll let you draw the conclusion on that one!

Back to the Ministry Report. They haven’t make any formal public announcement regarding the report. However they posted it to their Web-Site Dec. 16 noting an allowance of 45 days for Public Input. Now lets be serious, posting this a few weeks before the Christmas New Years Holiday Season, (with no normal announcement) it pretty obvious the Government intends to slide this one through under the table.

Folks, we need some attention here by informed individuals !! Feel free to use my Blog, Respond to the Ministry’s report  and let you MPP know where you stand !!  Do you want consumer protection or  “WINDOW DRESSING ?”


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