Ottawa Citizen Interview

Ottawa Citizen Interview from 12th of December


OTTAWA — The home inspection business is like the wild west, where anyone can print up a business card and call themselves an inspector, says industry insider Bruce McClure. For this reason, he says, all inspectors should not be painted with the same brush.

“If you happen to have web skills and computer skills, you Read the Whole Article


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(L to R) Stephen Duncan (research assistant), Pam Sayne RHI Minden Ont., That’s Me, Steve Gladstone ACI Stamford CT, Blaine Swan RHI Truro Nova Scotia, Peter Weeks RHI Ottawa Ont.

In the Studio with Rick Gibbons CFRA Ottawa

In Studio with Rick Gibbons CFRA Ottawa


Buy or Run? Bruce tells all

Bruce McClure is a registered home inspector, and has been for 15 years. He’s also been the co-ordinator for the home inspection program at Conestoga College for the past 10 years. And he has been the national president of home inspectors in Canada. His passion, however, is one crudely portrayed by TV programs and misunderstood… Read the Whole Article


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