Sometimes we need a "Time Out" to take a look at the "Big Picture" and expose what's really going on as we ask the question,
"Who's Working for Who?"
Available in Hardcover and e-book

This is not a “How-to Book”, It’s a “Time Out”, as it exposes:

  • The State of the Industry & the questionable relationship between Realtors & Home Inspectors

It blows the whistle on;

“Who’s Really in Charge”

Who’s Really Working for Who”

  • Why Government Licensing isn’t the full answer
  • Who’s really setting the Standards for Home Inspectors
  • Where our Public Educators are failing us

Who Should Read this Book?

  • Home Buyers & Sellers
  • Unhappy Home Buyers
  • Future Inspectors & Realtors
  • The Legal Community
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Insurance Communities
  • Legislators
  • Involved Government Personnel
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